CO-RIDE was established in 2017 as a consulting company for mechanical and engineering requests specializing in the industrial mechanical and plant engineering sector. 

CO-RIDE provide qualified industrial mechanical engineering services, in addition to plant engineering and technical consultancy services, either on-site at our premises/supplier or on customer premises. 

CO-RIDE has extended its offering to include industrial mechanical engineering and plant engineering, successfully adapting to increasingly complex market requirements. 

Our specialties are to use all types of technological media to provide a professional and comprehensive engineering service to deal with customers’ mechanical engineering projects. 

We can guarantee customers the strictest confidentiality with the preparation of a confidentiality agreement to accompany each order. 

Contact us if you would like further information or a custom quote for mechanical engineering or consultancy services. 

The team at CO-RIDE uses the most advanced IT systems, such as 3D CAD, performing calculations, design and development activities, creating manuals, and providing construction/assembly supports. 

CO-RIDE adapts to each customer’s requirements, captures the specific organisation and design standards of each company, and can provide a fully customised service

We liaise with the customer’s internal departments, becoming a useful addition to teams in relation to specific issues, ensuring that companies can compete on international markets with cutting-edge products and systems.