CO-RIDE’s solutions are aimed primarily at SMEs in to the more traditional sectors, offering mechatronic solutions of partial or radical innovation of single process steps and entire production lines.

Through the introduction of special machinery, robots and automation, analyzed according to customer needs, we aim at increasing profitability, reducing production costs and improving the quality of products.

The solutions offered by CO-RIDE, designed on the real customer’s production issues, promote business competitiveness through the application of robotics and mechatronics with a view to lean management.


Considerable reduction
in direct production costs
simultaneous increase of
the overall quality of the product


Advantages & Opportunities
for customers and partners
with advanced mechatronic solutions
that contribute to increasing the business profitability


Revolutionary layouts and processes
focusing on the quality of products
integrating innovative scenarios
into existing environments

Our Method
from problem into solution


Technical site survey by the customer


Customer requirements analysis


Analysis, feasibility and technological solution, quotation


Tailored mechatronic design


Construction the machinery or “customize” system


CE Certification


Installation, startup, training
Continuous technical support service 


Industrial automations are devices that allow the machine or systems to work automatically, they are made with the aim of solving problems of a technical, economic and human nature.

SIMPLIFYConsiderably the work of man who, freed from the constant presence on the machines, can devote himself to supervision activities

EASYProduction changes by implementing productivity allowing an agile transition from one type of production to another.

DELETEThe complicated, dangerous or undesirable phases, which are performed by the machine or robot.

GETS BETTERThe quality of the products by enslaving the machine by enslaving the machine to manufacturing standards and a better and constant tolerances over time

INCREASESProduction as well as productivity

GROWTHStaff safety

CONTROL AND PROTECTPlants and machines


Automation software design and programming

CO-RIDE collaborates closely with its Partner CoBotics Sagl, to propose the best compromise between software and industrial hardware from the beginning of the design to the construction and final testing, for perfect software / mechanical parts integration. The whole process is governed by the best software, the best performing hardware available, at the highest levels of compatibility and know-how of CoBotics staff.

PLCThe process starts by developing the machine’s “virtual brain”, which houses the functional logic of each mechanical component.

MOTIONAutomating everything that moves, from the simple asynchronous motors with frequency converters through to the more complex brushless and linear motors.

HMI The quality of the interface between man and machine guarantees the full functioning of the production process. CO-RIDE technicians confidently steer a path through the complex world of available commands, actions, formats, diagnostics, choice of display and associated technologies.

SUPERVISIONSFull monitoring of production is what maximizes the cost-benefit ratio. CO-RIDE software can promptly transfer data to the full range of the company’s management systems, reducing costs and providing a wealth of information to support the decision-making process.

ROBOTICSOptimizing an investment in automation such as the use of an anthropomorphic arm depends largely on the type of software, which can fully exploit its functionality.

MECHATRONICSThe optimization of timing and costs necessarily involves production monitoring software, and most importantly its costs, so that information can be transferred to the full range of the company’s management systems.